I paint with the conviction that color can manipulate the mind; it can make the heart beat faster, tempt the appetite, or spark a childhood memory. Much of our reaction to color is subliminal, and we are generally unaware of its pervasive and seductive effects.

Contrast and color are essential in my process. I start by selecting two or three colors that create a specific emotion. I work the canvas from all angles discovering new forms of composition through the use of movement. I push the paint to its chemical limit allowing it to mutate and evolve. The result is a bold and eclectic body of work that evokes a response from its viewer.

This series is based on the fact that we have evolved to become imprinted with a reaction to color. The colors we see are invariably influenced by what we feel.

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Abstract Art: abstract paintings by Mari'.

Original abstract paintings, and prints created by the artist C. Mari' Pack. Mari's abstractions are collected internationally and have been featured in both book and film.

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