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Abstract, Contemporary, and Modern Artist

Mari Fine Art is my collection of original abstract artwork created in my studio near Buffalo, NY. 


I am an abstract artist who creates original visual colorscapes that provoke my viewers to engage with art. My technique relies on strong, bold color, experimenting with new forms of composition, and utilizing unconventional paint applications to inspire an emotional response.  My artwork is devoted to exploring and pushing the limits of paint, medium, and form through science. Most of my paintings are inspired by either geology or color psychology and are executed through chemistry.


My paintings are an exploration of boundary and psyche. Color can make the heart beat faster, whet the appetite, or spark a memory. Much of our reaction to color is subliminal. My intention is to provoke the audience to find imagery through movement. I know a piece is complete when I can look at it from every angle and find rhythm. Every orginal abstraction individually touches its viewer. 



What do you see?



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